Friends of Belmont Birthing


Belmont Midwifery Group Practice's (BMGP) model of care encompasses a holistic approach and is one of trust in the innate wisdom of the woman and baby and the process of birth. They trust each woman's intuition and her inherent power to birth her baby. BMGP's role is one of partnership with the woman in a natural rite of passage.

The research clearly indicates that women birth well when they feel safe and relaxed with people they know and trust. It is also clear from the research that birth hormones, which help the cervix open and help women manage the sensations of labour, are released when women labour in their own way in their own time and are not disturbed unnecessarily. Therefore BMGP midwives do not intervene in the process in a routine way. Interventions can, of course, be done if there is any indication that labour is not normal.

The midwives within BMGP are committed to supporting you in experiencing choice, control and continuity of care during your pregnancy and birth. As a public health service, they operate within the same risk management framework as John Hunter Maternity & Gynaecology division.

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BMGP's expectations of YOU

BMGP midwives ask that you be totally honest with yourself and in your communications with your midwife, and that you have a strong belief in the natural birthing process and the value of breastfeeding.

What you can expect from BMGP

The aim of the midwives' care is to enjoy your pregnancy with you and help to prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically for your labour, your baby's birth and parenthood. This is achieved by:

  • discussion
  • education
  • relaxation
  • positive attitudes
  • kind respectful interactions
  • physical examinations of both you and your baby

BMGP's midwives will provide you relevant information to assist you in making informed choices regarding your care during your pregnancy, labour and your transition to parenthood. They will give you every opportunity to ask questions. They will provide resources, information and referrals to appropriate people, sites, books etc to enable you to get your questions answered. They work in partnership with you and each other. This service is for well, healthy women and babies. Women are referred or transferred to John Hunter Hospital if this is considered to be the safest option.