Friends of Belmont Birthing


Since the service began in 2005 hundreds of women have birthed with BMGP, both at home and in the spacious birth suites...

"Over the past 2 years i have had 2 wonderful pregnancies which resulted in 2 very healthy babies and that has a lot to do with the care i received from the midwives at Belmont Birthing centre. The level of care they offer is with out doubt the best you can get. They are all so knowledgeable and reassuring about pregnancy and the birthing process. I am so happy and thankful that i was lucky enough to be able to birth with them. I can not thank kate, kim, julie and jenny enough for looking after me and my beautiful baby girls. Happy international midwives day. Your ladies really do deserve the world because what u do is just incredible x

- Lisa Parrott

"Belmont provides personalised care to mothers and their babies throughout pregnancy, labour, birthing and postnatally in a way that honours this miraculous journey into motherhood and life for women and their babies.

- Anousha Victoire, local GP and mother of two BMGP babies

"The midwives are so dedicated and generous with their time. Talking to them really gave me the chance to work through the fears I had about childbirth and becoming a mother. I felt so loved that when it came to giving birth I had all the support I needed to go through the process with calmness and purpose.

- Tess

"Having a midwife that you know come to your home while you're labouring and stay with you a while is the most reassuring partnership a first-time-mum can ask for. I can't wait to go through labour again, I feel so proud of myself."

- Renee, Charlestown, mother of 2 BMGP babies

"The birthing rooms at Belmont are superior to any other, including a comfortable chair for Dads.

- Rob, father of 1 John Hunter baby, and 1 BMGP baby

"The opportunity to build a real relationship with the midwives is the most positive aspect. To have that continuity of care is so markedly different from the other hospital systems I've been through; it's such a relief to be able to build friendship and rapport with the women who will be there to help me in one of my life's most important experiences. I really look forward to my birth!

- Nicola, 34 weeks, aiming for a home birth

"I love the positive birth affirmations on the walls, makes me feel like I'm in the right place!"

- Joanna

"The most impressive part of the Belmont Birthing experience would have to be the midwives. They provided my wife with the upmost care and support for both our first and second pregnancies. It was comforting to know that we had someone there who was experienced, caring and supportive helping us through the delivery and the leadup to the delivery.
The communication was fantastic. We made a phone call to our midwife when we had the first contraction and were set at ease right from the get go. This was very important from a male's perspective as I was nervous and scared the first time round. It was good to know we were not in this alone.
After birthing at Belmont, we returned home only hours later with our new baby. It was amazing. The midwives made regular contact with us to make sure everything was going well and to help with breastfeeding. I think it made a tremendous difference to my wife to be resting and spending quality time with our new bub in the comfort of our own home."

- Mark, father of 2 BMGP

"Thanks to Belmont Birth Centre for supporting my family through a second home birth. The care and services provided to us have been nothing less than exceptional. A special thank you to Jane for her excellent care, expert advice, professionalism and friendship. Also special thanks to Kim for bring her special form maternal warmth to our home for the birth.

- Fisher family

"I want to say a massive thanks to Jenny who looked after me during my antenatal appointments. She was amazing to work with and made me feel comfortable and relaxed during my pregnancy. Also a huge thanks to Fiona who was there at JHH while I laboured for roughly 12 hours. She was amazing and helped me push through and focus through a pain I never knew my body could even tolerate. I was finally then looked after by Daniel. He was incredible and helped keep me calm and relaxed and was a great support down in theatre. He was also very enthusiastic to show off my placenta to me lol.
A huge thanks to Kim Watkins who looked after me post natally. She was very assuring that hubby and I are on the right track to parenthood and was fantastic with our boy, Bailey and can't thank her enough for her help.
Although I never got to birth at Belmont I feel the midwives at the group practice still played a huge part of my whole pregnancy and birth experience and I can't thank you all enough!

- Ashleigh, Grant and Bailey O'Malley

"I would like to take the time to say thankyou, a big massive thankyou to Fiona, I met this woman at Toronto poly clinic when I was approximately 19 weeks pregnant, I had booked myself into JHH for a water birth, until I had met Fiona and decided to birth at Belmont and have her as my midwife, at 33 weeks pregnant we had discovered that I started getting hypertension blood pressure, after watching and closely monitoring it, It was constantly high, at 36 weeks I had to say goodbye to fiona as I then became in jhh's care, it was heart breaking, she rang me and I broke down, I didn't want any other midwife but her, and my dreams of a water birth was shattered, at 39+1 (last Thursday ) I gave birth to my little man "reid" at jhh, even though she wasn't there, I would love to say what a absolute beautiful kind woman she is, and I couldn't have asked for a better person for mine and my unborn childs care, im not sure if she will see this message as she is no longer apart of Belmont but if anyone could pass this along I'd be forever grateful.

- Alicia, Craig and baby Reid xx

I birthed a beautiful baby girl at the Belmont birthing centre. I really want to spread the word (and repay the gratitude I feel) of what the midwives do and make sure women see it as a viable option to birth with minimal interventions. We were extremely lucky to get a place (I was already 29 weeks pregnant) and it was only by shear coincidence that we even found out about the service provided at Belmont and now I can't imagine how I would have coped with any different type of care. I strongly believe that the experience women have with a system like the group practice just makes sense! Our bodies know what to do! Please excuse my preaching, as I said I think its just the most amazing thing that they do for women and I feel like I can't thank them enough!

- Kathryn

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