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Birth Stories

Reading birth stories may give you options in labour when you feel as though you have nothing left to try; they may connect you to other mothers who also had to keep an open heart and open mind when things didn't go according to the birth plan; or they may give you courage and confidence that your own labour and birth will go just as you imagined it might. Birth stories are a great way to stay connected and informed as you prepare for birth, and a great way to make sense of what happened when you finally hold your baby in your arms. Each unique birth reminds us that there is something different to say and something new to learn. We encourage you to submit your stories here.

If you have birthed with the Belmont midwives and would like to share your story, please send it (and a photo if you'd like) to

Below is a Birth Story photo essay by Kate Kennedy Birth Photography. Kate is a great supporter of Belmont Birthing, and has photographed many births at homes and in hospitals with Belmont parents.